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World Rhino Day

My entire life I have been passionate about wildlife and conservation.

Today is world Rhino day and I would like to encourage each and every person to do their bit now matter how big or small, it all counts!

99% of people who talk about doing something, do nothing!

Even if it's R50, it all adds up and makes protecting our Rhino's possible. The money from one less beer on a friday night from your local pub can make a difference, it's that easy!

Someone said to me once, our rhino problem is out of control and there is no use trying, it's pointless! You simply cannot be so complacent and accepting of the serious issues our wildlife are faced with, I cannot accept it and I won't. It's about finding a way to contribute and give back. If we all showed up and contributed something no matter how big or small, it counts! As a proud South African, one day I want to be able to say, look how we came together and saved a dying species or these are the solutions we put in place to safeguard our wildlife. To give up on something so incredible like a Rhino is not good enough for me, what is your excuse for doing nothing? It doesn't even have to be a financial contribution, share a post, create awareness, give up a little time or fix a fence, there are so many things you can do that cost nothing. Changing minds makes a difference.

Be the instrument of change.

Unfortunately in this day and age everything costs money, the costs involved are astronomical and most operations rely on donations and fundraising.

Today I would like to ask those who can contribute to please follow this link, all necessary payment links are in place :

Here is an example of the cost involved just for one anti poaching unit in a game reserve!

  1.  APU running costs including salaries are approximately between R200 000 – R250 000 per month.

  2. Rhino Monitors cost around R30 000 per month.

  3. Reserve fuel costs average on R60 000 per month for all vehicles and equipment.

  4. Fencing Teams cost roughly around R35 000 – R40 000 per month.

This is just one part of a very complex setup.

Lets share this post with family and friends and create awareness.

Human's are the problem at the end of the day however we also have the ability to help fix it!

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