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Durban Beachfront Covid-19 Lockdown

The difficulty of social distancing, think about it, close everything down, shut everyone inside and this virus which spawned from ingesting bat like bio-weapons in Wuhan will go away!! Come on guys, I see this lockdown making very little difference in curbing the spread of infection if we carry on the way we are.

The beachfront must be the only place that is clear of people. The road down today was booming with cars, some full of people! There is going to be a massive crackdown in enforcing the "Rules" of this lockdown. The streets teeming with people apparently all going to the "shop". This virus is going to hit South Africa so hard none of us are prepared for what's coming. UNLESS, people start listening, start complying with the law. We all need to do our bit to assist in any way possible, anything at this point helps!

Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation tonight at "7:30". Lets really listen to what he has to say.

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