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Positivity In A Negative Time.

The entire country is in a shit situation to put it simply, people are worried, jobs are at risk and our economy is taking a massive dive. Where to from here?

This country has overcome so much hate and negativity and we have still seen the light on the other side and the positive change.

Personally I think people need to understand the principle of self manifestation, people are not looking for you, they are looking for what you are carrying and if you don't manifest what you are carrying, the world will ignore you! People never manifest themselves, thoughts, feeling and beliefs, it's important.

Think about this, anger brings change, what ever you don't hate you allow, and whatever you allow, you will never change! Think about it! Our lives are affected by how we think things are, not the way they actually are. Find a way to change your current situation, it's that simple. My life has always moved in the direction of my words, choose a direction.

Your brain is a powerful weapon, in this lockdown it's all we have so use it!

I woke up this morning and wanted to capture the beauty that Durban has to offer and what we have to look forward to when this is all over!

A positive mind, will allow you to adapt and overcome!

Lets send this blog to everyone we know, be the change.

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