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Hyundai i30N - Is It Worth It?

As some of you might know I live with an N Performance sales lady, Suzy, who might I add is very good at her job and of course due to the perks of the job gets to drive a different car all the time. The most recent being the new i30N.

Hyundai recently brought out the New i30N which has caused quite a stir online, which it would as it's the first Hyundai of its kind and people these days are super judgemental. When you see the car for the first time it's definitely a massive step up from the cars they have produced in the past. From the front headlamps distinguished by a black bezel, aggressive rear bumper and aerodynamic spoiler to unique 19” alloy wheels, it's a looker for sure. But the biggest question everyone is asking, is it worth the R679 000 price tag and is it really trying to compete with the VW GTI and GOLF R??!!

What people are missing is that it's a first of its kind, Hyundai's first proper performance car coming in at 202KW 353NM of power. Its a 2.0-litre turbo engine combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox and an electronically controlled limited-slip diff. Not bad for the first model I'd say! Loads more featured and extras to list.

Is it worth it, well I need to spend more time with the car to give my honest opinion but so far it's really on its own level when it comes to what Hyundai have to offer. The car also comes with a 7-year/200 000 km warranty, 5-year/75 000 km service plan and 7 years' roadside assistance, which adds significant peace of mind when it comes to the money spent on a performance vehicle of this calibre!

To Book a test drive chat to Suzanne for Hyundai Pinetown on - 0827066597

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