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Hat off to the SANDF & SAPS

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

On 26 March 2020, Cyril Ramaphosa ordered that a 21-day lockdown be implemented until 16 April 2020. As part of these measures, the SANDF was deployed to assist police in ensuring residents stay indoors during this lockdown, except to buy food and medication or to get medical attention.

As most are already aware there are those who comply with the lockdown rules and then there are those who do not and in some areas it seems like business as normal! During my time documenting the spread of the virus I have also come across people who genuinely have no idea why we are in a state of disaster and the serious implications it is having on our country. But im going to address that in a seperate post!

Each and everyday I am tasked with covering a different aspect of the lockdown and or spread of the virus. I have seen first hand what SAPS, Metro, SANDF and numerous other reaction units like Marshall Security and PT Alarms are dealing with. I really take my hat off to all the people putting in the long hours to ensure this country sees the light at the end of these very dark times!

Unfortunately there are those who choose to break the "rules", personally I think people who are not adhering to the lockdown protocol are going to reach a point where they find themselves in jail. This lockdown is paramount in the fight against the spread of the virus and those who choose to go against it are going to be the cause of this lockdown continuing! This is the first time something like this has ever happened and it will be forever engraved in our history! By overstepping the boundaries, you actually divert the attention of emergency services, for example, SAPS being called out to people gathering at a petrol station for "a coke and a smoke" as I would say, rather than SAPS responding to a real emergency! I have witnessed loads of people just not complying. Guys, just stay at home its that easy, your trip to your mates house for a beer is taking time away from real police work, real issues, real problems!

Today I spent time down in Isipingo documenting the SANDF as they go about their duties, people breaking the law were put in jail! As a result of non-compliance you will find yourself locked up.

It was alarming to see the streets teeming with people as hundreds queued for their "Essential goods". We are not even half way yet, I read the stats online, I don't know whether to believe them or not. Are we going to survive this? When are people going to wake up? Will there be anything left after this? I hear whispers of an extension, can we survive another month? I am on the front line of this and can't answer any of those questions!

Again hat off to those putting in the hours, risking infection, risking their families and to each & every person out there working together we will beat this!

South Africa will win if we work together!

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