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Easter Sunday Under Lockdown

For the first time, most celebrate Easter at home with their family in lockdown!

As we head into our second phase of trying to "flatten" the curve, its left people wary of what the future holds. A state of limbo, when will life return to normal?

I think we all know deep down inside that this virus is changing the way things are going to be done moving forward. We are all going to have to adapt, today being Easter I wanted to visually show you what it looked like out there in this apocalyptic time.

Places of worship which in the "normal" world would be teeming with life are left locked up with not a soul in sight. However most have found ways to stay connected online!

I started selling stock images online about 12 years ago. It was about connecting with clients globally. People back then told me I was wasting my time, well look where we are standing right now!. The power of the internet allowing people to connect, live stream, talk to those far, those just down the road or in another town, church services, Easter egg hunts with other family or to simply say hello to a friend. It's epic to see so many people adapting and finding ways to continue business and stay connected just in a different form.

Develop a strong mind and you will live a strong life, nothing will change unless you change!

What you choose to do in this time is literally going to affect your future, adapt and make it happen.

Happy Easter guys!

O and did you all catch that epic sunset?!?!?!

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