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Do Something For Someone Who Can Never Repay You!

The lockdown in South Africa is nearing an "END" which most are pondering as to whether this is going to be extended or not, are the numbers of infected the real figures, what is actually going on?.

There is way to much fake news out there and I feel people need to step up and be honest with the nation! We are past the phase of a mass panic and to me what's going to make a difference in this difficult time, is to shed light on the issues right on our doorstep. The people who walk through out towns and communities unseen, standing at robots not having eaten in a week, begging and pleading for a blanket to keep them warm at night. The homeless are absolutely under attack in this dark time we are faced with at the moment. Not only are they at far higher risk of contracting Coronavirus but on top of it they have been thrown together by the state and confined in small spaces without any sanitation, basic amenities or any form of aid.

Poverty in South Africa is one of our biggest issues, lack of support from government, corruption, the list really goes on. As leaders in different communities you really need to ask yourself, what or how are you contributing to upliftment and support for the disadvantaged. If people had to just help one person, the impact would really move mountains in the fight to eradicate poverty. However in this lockdown how do you ask homeless people to "self isolate" or stay indoors? Is rounding them up and confining them in a small space acceptable? How does a family of 4 stay in a 4x4m shack for 21 days? How?!

However I see people complaining about not being able to order a pizza, the lines at woolies are just atrocious, shutting down the sale of alcohol and cigarettes is just pathetic. Guys there are way bigger issues that need to be addressed, working together different communities in my eyes should be banding together to ease the load of our already fragile infrastructure, wouldn't that really flatten the curve!

The purpose of this post is to shed light on two things, one the dire situation the homeless people in Durban are in as a result of the lockdown which is intensifying their suffering and the second point to commend the great work the UBF is doing in the Umbilo/Durban area.

The Umbilo Business Forum (UBF) is a voluntary membership and non-profit organization that was established in 2010. Since that time, the Umbilo Business Forum has been the voice of the local business community.

Economies only work and thrive when they work for everyone. The UBF's mission is to positively influence and drive this sustainable development programme through responsible leadership, inclusive cooperation and most importantly informed and responsive action.

The UBF consists of many enlightened businesses who are willing and able to produce a surplus which can then be redistributed in form of food parcels for people in the community. Concrete consumable goods on a sustainable basis and not empty promises from regressive minds.

Today the first load of food, 60kg per pack, was delivered to those in need at the Dalton and beer hall on Sydney road. Welldone to the team involved, Ian Cambell-Gillies, Steve Thusi, Kelvin Caldwell, Leonie Kriek and Lunghisa Khumalo. It's so refreshing to see people like you doing what not many are. At least the people you helped today will have food to get by over the next week.

The images below don't do any of this justice, over the next few days I will release a video telling the stories of a few individuals in the community and just how bad things really are!

The truth is a beautiful thing and I will continue to shed light on real issues!

Do Something For Someone Who Can Never Repay You!

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