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Covid-19 Durban Lockdown

As we are all experiencing the first ever 21 day lockdown here in South Africa, I have to ask myself is it working?, is it going to work?. After an inspirational speech and strong show of leadership from our president I have noticed a huge divide in society, those who conform and adhere to the rules of the lockdown and those who don't understand the implications of not practising social distancing or self isolation. The implications this is going to have on the South African people and our already fragile economy are massive! STAY AT HOME!

As a filmmaker and photographer I have been assigned to cover the Covid-19 outbreak in SA for various UK and SA agencies. It's great to not be cooped up for 21 days however I now need to be extra careful, last night saw us head into Kwamashu township, where you really see how the lockdown is just not being taken seriously or people just don't understand the severity of this virus! Nevertheless I keep my distance and sanitize. I think in terms of the job I have been given its important to show everyone in lockdown who can't just go out what's really going on!

Below are a few images shot yesterday! Strange being in the CBD, almost alone!

I'm going to cut this blog short however I will try my best to give daily updates either here or on my facebook page! Be safe guys.

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