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Aerial Photography Up The North Coast

Aerial photography has alway been a massive passion of mine, there is just something epic about being up there looking down on the world!

This morning I flew to Richards Bay on an aerial survey documenting river mouths and all the small eco systems in between. Super interesting and alarming at the same time, to see how mankind is changing the natural way things flow!

On the flight with me I had the new Canon Eos R paired with the Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM Zoom Lens. What a combination!

The mirrorless invasion seems to be taking the photographic world by storm, the future is upon us. Im super fortunate to be in a space that gives me access to all this tech, as it makes its way into SA under the cover of night. Everyone keeps asking the question, to change to mirrorless or not?! Right now I can't really answer that question as I need more time with the gear, however im passionate about my brand and to be honest Canon have really outdone themselves with the Eos R and the new range of lenses. Below will be a few images from todays flight. I received the camera yesterday afternoon and my flight was at 7 this morning, I went out to dinner last night so had very little time to get a feel for it. After the flight I could not wait to get home and download the images. The moment I loaded the first shot into Camera Raw, my reaction was like a child waking up on Xmas day seeing all those gifts under the tree, wow, wow, wow. Exposure, iso handling, image quality was right up there. Crystal clear sharp images, Canon was not joking when they equipped the lens with 3 Aspherical and 2 UD elements for stunning sharpness, you really need to see the high res images to really appreciate them!

Over the next few days this camera is going to be stuck to my hip, im going to shoot a bit of video and quite a few more stills in different lighting conditions. Once that's done im going to put my honest opinion up on the blog :)

It's great to be apart of the Canon brand, thanks guys!

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